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Quick start guide

How to pair Fem with a device

The earbuds are automatically on once they are lifted out from the charging case.

Turn on the wireless connection function in your device's settings. Lift both earphones from the charging case and they will be in pairing mode. Select 'Sudio Fem' in the wireless connection list on your device.

To turn off the earbuds, the earphones will be automatically off once you put them in the charging case. To manually turn earphones off without using the case, simply press for 8-10 seconds until the red light glows.

How to use the touch controls on Fem

Here are our instructions for using the touch controls on Fem:

One click: pause and restart music
Double click on the right side: jump to the next song
Double click on the left side: go back to the previous song
Triple clock on the right side: turn up the volume
Triple click on the left side: turn down the volume

Phone calls
One click (right or left): receive/end a phone call
Press and hold for 2 seconds(right or left): reject phone calls

Voice assistant (Siri and Google Assistant)
Press and hold for 1 second (right or left): activate voice assistant

Turn on/off the earbuds
Press and hold for 6 seconds (right or left): turn on/off the earbuds

What to do when Fem is behaving unexpectedly or not pairing

Sometimes, the earphones fall out of sync. If, for example, both sides say 'pairing' but the sound is only from the right side then this indicates that the earbuds are no longer paired together. In this case, please put back both earphones in the charging case, wait 10 seconds and lift both at the same time. If this does not work, do a factory reset by following the instructions below.

How to do it:

  1. Put both earphones in the charging case.
  2. "Forget" the earphones in your wireless connection settings. Fem should no longer be synced to your device. If you have connected Fem to multiple devices, forget Fem from all the devices.
  3. Lift both earphones from the charging case.
  4. Turn off both earbuds manually by pressing the touch buttons until the red light shines on both.
  5. Press and hold the left earphone button until you see white light flash once --> blink in white and red --> white light flash twice. Repeat the same step for the right earbud.
  6. Put both earphones back in the charging case and wait for at least 10 seconds.
  7. Lift both earphones at the same time from the charging case and they will be in pairing mode. Both will blink separately. When one earbud blinks red and white and the other's light stays dark, that means means they are paired together once again.
  8. Start the wireless connection on your device again. and select "Sudio Fem" in the list.

How to clean Fem

Light colored earphones always need to be treated a bit carefully.

For discolorations, we recommend to gently clean the areas with a damp cloth or with a small amount of water.

Fem's charging case and earbuds are made of special material, do not use alcohol to rub the charging case.

In some cases, being exposed to strong sunlight or high heat might alter the form of the silicone material.

Water resistance rating (IPX5)

Fem is a device with a level 5 water protection rating, which means that the earbuds are water-resistant. At this level, the earbuds can handle exposure to low-pressure water jet spray. IPX is an official rating that is awarded by passing tests that are conducted by a third party. Fem is also completely sweat-proof and can be used during exercise.

However, for an IPX 5 rating, we would like to communicate that there is no guarantee that the earbuds will remain in full operation after activities like swimming or showering with them.
While the earbuds have IPX5 protection, the charging case is not waterproof. If you touch the charging case with wet hands or put earbuds in the charging case while they are not completely dry, the product might be damaged. Unfortunately, if the earphones are damaged in these cases, they will not be considered a manufacturing defect and will not be eligible for replacement through our warranty.


Fem - User Manual (PDF)
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