Quick start guide

How to turn Ett on/off

Ett will automatically turn on when you lift out the earbuds of the charging case, and it will turn off when you put them back in the case.

You can also turn them off by pressing the buttons for 6 seconds until you will hear "power off". In order to turn them on, you need to put them back in the charging case and take them out.

How to use the button controls on Ett

By clicking the button on either side of your Ett, you can control various features.

One click: Pause and play music
Two clicks: Jump to the next song
Three clicks: Go back to the previous song

Phone calls
One click: Receive/end a phone call
Press and hold for 2 seconds: Reject a phone call

Turn on/off the earbuds
Press and hold for 6 seconds: Turn off
You can only turn them off by pressing the button for 6 seconds.
In order to turn them on, put Ett back in the charging case and take it out.

Turn on/off active noice cancelling (ANC)
Press and hold for 2 seconds

How to take phone calls with Ett

If you would like to receive/hang up a phone call, please click the button on either side of your Ett once.
If you would like to reject an incoming phone call, please press and hold the button on either side of your Ett for 2 seconds.

How to change the volume

You can change the volume through the device that is connected to Ett.

How to turn Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) on/off

To turn on/off ANC, press and hold the button on either side of the earbuds for 2 seconds.
You will hear "noise cancelling" when ANC is turned on, please note there is no signal sound when you turn ANC off.

Transparency mode on Ett

Ett's transparency mode lets ambient noise through so you can better hear yourself speaking during phone calls.
As soon as your phone recognises that a phone call is incoming, Ett will automatically pause what you are listening and switch to transparency mode, then lets you decide whether to answer the phone call or not.
The transparency mode will be on during the call regardless of use of ANC. When you end the phone call, Ett goes back to normal mode or ANC mode depending on how you were using Ett before the call.

How to pair Ett with a device

Please see the following steps to connect Ett to your device.

  1. Turn on your wireless connection in your device's settings. If it's already on, be sure to "refresh" by turning the connection off and on again.
  2. Lift both earbuds out of the charging case.
  3. Ett will automatically be in pairing mode and the light on the earbuds will flash red and white.
  4. Click “Sudio Ett” in your device list to connect.
  5. Now your Ett is paired with your device and you can start to enjoy music with your Ett.

If you would like to use only one of the earbuds, you can do so by just taking out the one you want to use from the charging case.

What to do when Ett is behaving unexpectedly or not pairing

If your Ett is behaving unexpectedly or you are having difficulty pairing, please follow the steps below.

  1. Turn off the wireless connection on your phone.
  2. "Forget" the earphones in your wireless connection settings on your device. Ett should no longer be synced. If you have connected Ett to multiple devices, forget Ett from all the devices.
  3. Put both the earbuds back into the case.
  4. Lift the left earbud out of the case, press the button on the left earbud 8 times, leave it out of the case.
  5. Now lift out the right earbud, press the button on the right earbud 8 times.
  6. You should see both earbuds are flashing red and white quickly, now press the button on both earbuds two times.
  7. Now you have finished factory reset your Ett, and you can pair it with your device. If you are unsure how to pair Ett with your device, please check this article: How to pair Ett with my device

How to manage multiple devices

Ett can remember up to eight paired devices, which means that you don't have to follow the pairing step every time you switch between devices. When Ett is turned on, it will automatically connect to the device most recently connected.
If you want to reconnect to one of your previously paired devices, please disconnect Ett first from the device you are currently using, and click "Sudio Ett" in the wireless connection list of the next device you want to connect. Ett supports multi-pairing, but you can only play audio from one device at a time.

How to check battery status on Ett

Remaining battery of Ett earbuds

You can check the remaining battery of the Ett earbuds on your phone.
For iOS device, you are able to see the battery icon on the top right side on the screen.
For Android device, you are able to see the battery icon on the screen or download any battery app to check the battery life of your Ett earbuds.

Remaining battery of the Ett charging case

The LED lights on the charging case indicate the remaining battery level of the charging case. The LED lights will be on when you take out the earbuds or put them back into the charging case.

  • 75% - 100% : All four lights are on
  • 50% - 75% battery level: Three white lights are on
  • 25% - 50% battery level : Two lights are on
  • 0% - 25% battery level: One light is on

How to charge Ett

The Ett earphones come in a charging case, meaning that the earphones charge their batteries inside the case so long as it has a sufficient amount of battery. When the battery in the charging case is running low, insert the Type-C USB cable. The case can be charged with or without the earphones inside.

In some cases, the charging pins inside the case scratch the receiving pole on the earphone, leaving residue that could potentially break the connection. Gently wipe the charging pin and receiving pole with a dry cloth or a swab and try charging the earphones again. The Sudio Care Kit is ideal for this, as it comes with all tools necessary to keep your Ett in tip-top condition!

If the earphones lose battery faster than usual, follow the instructions below:

  1. Take out both earphones from the charging case and charge the case with the included cable separately until full.
  2. Make sure the cable is fully inserted into the case and that there is no dust or dirt blocking the port. Note that inserting the cable forcefully can cause permanent damage to the cable and/or case.
  3. Use the charging cable included in the product packaging and check that the cable is working correctly.
  4. Try to get power from a different source i.e. laptop charging port or from a wall outlet.
  5. If you have other Type C USB-cables, consider trying these and see if there is any difference.

Does Ett have a wireless charging feature?

Yes, Ett supports wireless charging.

How to clean Ett

Clean Ett with a cloth lightly dampened by water. Do not use alcohols, abrasives, or chemicals other than water. If, for example, you use cleaning wipes to clean Ett, they may stain the earphones or the case.

Ett - Water resistance rating (IPX5)

Ett is a device with a level 5 water protection rating, which means that the earbuds are water-resistant. At this level, the earbuds can handle exposure to low-pressure water jet spray. IPX is an official rating that is awarded by an assessment conducted by a third party organization. Ett is also completely sweat-proof and can be used during exercise.

However, for an IPX 5 rating, we would like to communicate that there is no guarantee that the earbuds will remain in full operation after activities like swimming or showering with them.
While the earbuds have IPX5 protection, the charging case is not waterproof. If you touch the charging case with wet hands or put earbuds in the charging case while they are not completely dry, the product might be damaged. Unfortunately, if the earphones are damaged in these cases, they will not be considered a manufacturing defect and will not be eligible for replacement through our warranty.

Ett - User Manual (PDF)