Delivery Service Updates

Last updated on December 3rd, 2021

Please be aware that deliveries are impacted in some countries due to COVID-19 or other service interruptions. See below for the list of affected regions.

If your country isn't mentioned below, to the best of our knowledge, delivery will still fall within our estimated delivery times.

We at Sudio Customer Service will do our best to provide tracking and delivery information. We always recommend you to contact the carrier directly for local, up-to-date information.

Australia and New Zealand

As a result of several flight cancellations, orders to Australia and New Zealand are subject to longer delays. Some orders that have already been shipped may be recalled and rearranged with other carriers as soon as possible. 

Saudi Arabia

As a result of ongoing delivery disruptions and limited airline capacity, all parcels that are shipped with Aramex to Saudi Arabia are subject to longer delays, this includes orders that are paid with Cash on delivery. For more information, contact Aramex and provide them with your tracking number.


Due to ongoing delivery disruptions, postal deliveries are being delayed. Please allow 9-12 business days for the delivery of your order.


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