How to check battery status on Ett

Remaining battery of Ett earbuds

You can check the remaining battery of the Ett earbuds on your mobile device.
For iOS devices, you are able to see the battery icon on the top right side of the screen.
For Android devices, you are able to see the battery icon on the screen. There's also a variety of third-party apps for battery management available in Google Play Store.

Remaining battery of the Ett charging case

The LED lights on the charging case indicate the remaining battery level of the charging case. The LED lights will be on when you take out the earbuds or put them back into the charging case.

  • 75% - 100%: All four lights are on
  • 50% - 75% battery level: Three white lights are on
  • 25% - 50% battery level: Two lights are on
  • 0% - 25% battery level: One light is on

Charging the earphones in the charging case:

  • If the left and right LED light shows white and is blinking, it means the left and right earbud are currently charging.
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